Vegan paleo inspiration and a recipe for homemade porridge

vegan paleo porridge

The other day I had a really interesting conversation with my friend’s brother, who works as a PT and as a nutritionist. His diet is entirely paleo — a concept I did not really agree with until now. Let me explain why: Most paleo people I met in my life, were basically eating meat, cheese, fish and some avocados, claiming, that this is the natural way. I saw people, that looked seriously unhealthy telling me to quit the sweet potatoes and the fruits. And I do not agree with the fact, that stone age people ate avocados, quinoa or other so called superfoods. Besides that, our stomachs, like our brains, our bone density and other important factors changed overtime (interesting video!).

Why to avoid lentils on a paleo diet

I did not believe in a paleo diet, until I had a conversation with a paleo nutritionist. What he stated, was simple and yet convincing. His words were basically: Eat stuff from your region and go as unprocessed as possible. Also avoid the one-sided overeating of wheat, corn and soy. He got my attention, because THIS is actually the way I eat. So we started talking about proteins — a topic every vegan just loves — and he suggested to minimize my bean and lentil intake. They contain oligosaccharides, complex sugars, that humans can not digest. High consumerism of legumes — especially if they are not cooked properly — leads to bloating and stomach issues. And — most important for me — we can not eat legumes raw, since they are toxic for us. Whereas fruits, veggies and seeds — the other main components of my diet, can easily be consumed without cooking. Made sense to me.

Vegan sources of protein

Since I train quite a lot, practice intermittent fasting and of course eat and live fully plant-based, I had to find a different solution. Something that satisfied me without all the bloating. In the past I had eaten a lot of oats — with the result, that I had chronic stomach issues. It was just too much to digest and sometimes I felt bloated and heavy even five hours after eating. Protein powders are also no proper solution for me. They are processed and they taste horrible.

My basic vegan paleo porridge

Getting deeper into the subject I thought about combining my favorite grains, nuts and seeds and to prepare them like a tasty porridge without added sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners and processed proteins.

As a base I used buckwheat, that can be digested fairly easy and contains around 13 percent of protein. I mixed it with almonds (21 g of protein), hemp seeds (23 g of protein), flax seeds (18 g of protein) and sunflower seeds (21 g of protein).

I like my porridge tasty and a little sweet. For additional flavor and a hint of tropical sweetness I added bananas and carob powders. Next time, I am going to add dried coconut, maybe some cocoa and oriental spices. I think in terms of personalizing the porridge, there are plenty of options.

How to prepare the porridge

I mention it in almost every post, but I need to repeat myself again: My food processor is totally low end. I use one, that I bought for 20 bucks in a supermarket. It does the job though and even grinds my hemp seeds — which have shells — into a fine and nice powder. I basically put all the ingredients in a container and blend them for around two minutes. The outcome looks like fresh soil and smells pretty nice. My roomie dipped a banana and an apple inside and really liked it. I used it as a nice treat after lunch and mixed it with some spoons of cold water and let it sit for around five minutes. The result was a creamy and smooth porridge, that surprised me with its nutty taste.vegan paleo porridge

Costs of the porridge and my personal opinion about it

It was easy to digest and the preparation almost did not cost me anything. I put my porridge mix on the scale and measured around 120 g with production costs of 50 cents and a total amount of protein of circa 13 to 16 percent.  The price is pretty low, especially since I buy the ingredients in bulk. But I guess, even if you buy the ingredients packaged, the final porridge will still cost you a lot less, than any protein powder, cereal mix or instant porridge from the organic market.

vegan paleo porridge

After blending: Looks like soil!

Let me know, if you like the porridge! I am always happy about comments and inspiration!

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