Vegan dessert: My five favorite recipes

vegan nice-cream

The best way to finish a good meal is with an excellent vegan dessert. Sometimes I even like to start a course with something sweet or I surprise my sister and my friends with sweet pancakes for breakfast. Since some of my friends like to come over spontaneously, I created a few vegan deserts, that require little preparation time and taste delicious. They are all done in under 15 minutes and the ingredients needed are anything but fancy! Some of them are raw, whereas others are classic cakes, that I prepare with crane sugar or coconut flower sugar.vegan coconut macarons


Vegan dessert No.1: Little fruitcakes


These little fruitcakes are the perfect vegan dessert for every sports and fitness enthusiast! They have a rich and smooth flavor and don’t require any sweeteners or refined sugar. The base for the recipe are bananas or dried fruits and oats. Theoretically it is even possible to prepare the fruitcakes gluten-free. In this case it is necessary, that you buy gluten-free oats (normally you find them in organic stores). The little cakes also contain pea protein powder, which you don’t need to add necessarily. I just like to add it from time to time, when I am very hungry in-between my fasting intervals.vegan dessert

Vegan dessert No.2: Vegan crumble

Vegan crumble has been one of my sweet favorites, since I turned vegan in the first place. The traditional British desert is the perfect combination of a sweet, warm desert and a fruity cake. Besides that, a crumble is the perfect vegan desert for beginners. Even if you never baked anything in your life, it is very likely that your crumble will a great success ! For this particular crumble I decided to mix apples and pears with cinnamon and soft, buttery crumbles. The result is a delicious desert, that tastes great with vegan whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream!vegan crumble with apples and pears


Vegan dessert No.3: Fluffy vegan buttermilk pancakes with caramelized pears

I am crazy about pancakes! Sometimes I even eat them instead of having a meal! One thing that was a little bit challenging though, was the preparation of fluffy vegan pancakes. Making vegan flatbread is an easy thing but creating a light and airy texture is a little tricky. For this recipe I read a little bit of chemistry and checked, how to substitute an egg successfully. The solution was easy yet convincing: Vegan buttermilk! The acidity of the home-made buttermilk reacts with baking powder and baking soda and leads to awesome results! I combined the vegan desert with caramelized pears and frozen berries.vegan buttermilk pancake


Vegan dessert No.4: Salted caramel raw bites


Let’s go raw! This vegan dessert is the perfect option for everyone, who craves raw treats without added sugar or syrup. The preparation is really simple and takes less than minutes. Yo also don’t need to soak the nuts and seeds before blending them- The special thing about the recipe is the combination of sweet fruits and salt. Since I am a little gourmet once it comes to seasoning, I like to use a good sea salt like fleur de sel or greek black salt from volcanos. Even though the difference might be small, it really adds some fine and elegant flavor to your food.rawbites salted caramel

Vegan dessert No.5: Vegan nice-cream

This one is almost raw and doesn’t contain any added sugar or sweeteners. For the preparation I used vegan yogurt but in fact you can prepare it easily with homemade vegan kefir. Since most of the ingredients are not seasonal (assuming you use frozen berries), you can enjoy this vegan dessert basically all year long!

vegan nice-cream

Vegan nice-cream with raspberries, oranges and banana!!!


Anything to add? Any favorites? Leave a comment or write an email! I am looking forward to hear from you!


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