Vegan passionfruit cookies with coconut and bananas

Author: Julia


Those chilly November nights make me crave tropical food and anything that reminds me of days with fourteen hours of sunshine and those hot summer nights.

As a cure for my desire to eat something exotic, I created vegan passionfruit cookies with shredded coconut and bananas. There is no added sugar in the cookies and the high amount of oats makes them a healthy treat.

vegan passionfruit cookiesBefore serving I decorated the cookies with coconut flakes. This step is optional and you can as well sprinkle them with some tropical frosting or enjoy them plain.

vegan passionfruit cookies


  • two
  • ripe bananas
  • three
  • passionfruits
  • two cups of
  • rolled oats
  • half cup of
  • flour
  • half cup of
  • shredded coconut
  • one tablespoon of
  • coconut oil
  • salt


Peel the bananas and put them in a large bowl. Cut the passionfruit in half and use a spoon  to get the pulp out of the fruit. Also use the seeds! They add a nice crunch to your cookies! Add a little bit of water to bananas and passionfruit pulp and blend the fruits. Add oil and salt and keep blending. Add oats, shredded coconut and flour and stir the batter with a spoon. Create little balls with your fingers, put them in a baking tray and flatten them out with your fingers.  Bake them for 15 minutes or until the edges look toasted at 180 degrees celsius/356 degrees fahrenheit. Enjoy with coffee or with a homemade smoothie!vegan passionfruit cookies

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