Tasty vegan high-protein shake

Author: Julia


Proteins have never been a big topic for me. I usually follow the recommendation of WHO, that suggests 0,8 g of protein per kilogram bodyweight. If you are on a vegan diet, achieving this amount is normally not difficult. Tofu, seitan. nutritional yeast, oats and flax seeds contain a very high amount of protein, that easily covers your daily needs. I am speaking from almost ten years of experience and I am the opposite of a couch potato. I have a very active lifestyle, that includes at least two activities such as ashtanga yoga, body weight training, skating or surfing per day. Until now maintaining my health and my strength was not a problem.vegan high-protein shake

In the beginning of the summer, I decided to change my eating habits and started intermittent fasting (blog post follows!). To make it short: Since I believe,  that it is better for my overall health, my focus and my fitness, I just eat twice per day. At 1 pm and at 9 pm. No snacks. No juice in-between. Just water, tea and coffee. Since IF is not a diet, but an eating pattern, it is important to maintain the normal calorie intake. Means: My meals are usually huge and consist out of pasta or rice, veggies, salad, soup and a desert with fresh fruits. This might not be for everyone, but for me two large meals work great and improved a lot of aspects of my life. It is not for every person and pregnant women, diabetics and people with a history of eating disorders better try to stick to another eating habit.

vegan high-protein shake


Coming to the point: Even though I would love to eat a lot, sometimes I just lack appetite. For these cases I substitute my desert with a homemade vegan protein shake. I drink around 500 ml after lunch and they contain almost 28 g of pure protein which is more than half of the 44 g I should eat per day.

My base is soy-milk, which naturally contains a lot of protein. I also add raw organic pea protein, that I buy in a local store. You can as well use hemp protein, but the products I found in the shop did not have the same density like pea protein.

So much theory… Let`s get practical! And before I forget: The shake tastes like a really nice desert. Sweet and ideal for your after lunch cravings!


  • 500 ml of
  • soy-milk
  • one
  • ripe banana
  • one tablespoon of
  • pea protein
  • one tablespoon of
  • cocoa
  • one teaspoon oftumeric


Put all ingredients in a large bowl and blend them together. Enjoy your shake fresh. For a creamy texture peel the banana and store it in the freezer before blending it!vegan high-protein shake

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I am Julia, vegan by heart, traveler and minimalist based in beautiful Portugal. I love simple but delicious food, ashtanga, skating, surfing and having a nice conversation over snacks and a glass of wine. I am blogging about vegan food, my minimalist journey, life hacks and my experiences as a traveler.