The best recipe for vegan crumble with apples and pears

Author: Julia


vegan crumble with apples and pearsI have been enjoying homemade crumbles for lots of years. They are tasty, super easy to prepare and they provide you with an instant homy feeling. This particular crumble was inspired by the movie Carnage by Roman Polanski. In the movie two couples are arguing about an incident in their children´s life while eating a crumble with apples and pears (a great combination and a great movie by the way). After watching I decided to create my own vegan version.

Let´s check the recipe for this sweet treat!

vegan crumble with apples and pears

That´s and image of the vegan crumble before dusting it with confectioner´s sugar


  • two
  • apples
  • two
  • pears
  • half cup of
  • flour
  • half cup of
  • oats
  • half cup of
  • sugar
  • half cup of
  • coconut oil or margarine
  • one tablespoon of
  • water
  • salt, cinnamon
  • optional: confectioner´s sugar


vegan crumble with apples and pears

And that´s after dusting it! I really love this snowy look. It brings out the christmas vibes…

Start with peeling apples and pears. Remove the seeds and cut the fruits into small cubes. Spread the cubes in a pan. Mix the other ingredients with your hands. Knead them together until you got a crumbly dough. Place the crumbles on the top of the fruits. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius/356 degrees fahrenheit and bake your vegan crumble for around 20 minutes. Decorate it with confectioners sugar and serve it with vanilla custard, vegan whipped cream or just enjoy it pure with a good cup of coffee or tea!vegan crumble with apples and pears

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