Vegan coffee cake in a glass with banana coconut foam

Author: Julia


I love cake in a glass! Because no matter, if you mess up removing the cake from your pan, the result always looks super pretty! For this cappuccino style vegan cake in a glass I decided to combine a spongy coffee cake with banana coconut foam. Looks pretty and tastes awesome! Instead of sugar I used coconut flower sugar, but you can take any sweetener of choice!vegan coffee cake

My beautiful model is my flatmate Linda by the way! Love her hands and I guess I am going to take more pics of her holding baked goods!


  • 100 ml
  • soy milk (only works with soy)
  • 50 ml
  • oil
  • one tablespoon of
  • vinegar
  • half cup of
  • sugar
  • 1,5 cups of
  • flour
  • one teaspoon of
  • baking powder
  • one tablespoon of
  • sesame
  • three tablespoons
  • of instant coffee powder
  • one tablespoon of
  • cocoa powder
  • pinch of
  • salt
  • one
  • banana
  • one tablespoon of
  • shredded coconut
  • one teaspoon of
  • plant-based milk


Mix vinegar and soy milk and let its sit until the milk curdles. Add sugar and oil and blend it together. Now add flour, instant coffee powder, cocoa, baking powder and salt. Keep whisking everything together. In the end add sesame. Pour the batter in a pan and bake it at 356 fahrenheit/180 celsius for around twenty minutes. Let it cool down.vegan coffee cake

Put banana, shredded coconut and your plant-based milk in a bowl and blend it, until it is foamy. Put the cake into a glass, decorate it with the foam and add some roasted almonds or any other decoration of your choice!

About me

I am Julia, vegan by heart, traveler and minimalist based in beautiful Portugal. I love simple but delicious food, ashtanga, skating, surfing and having a nice conversation over snacks and a glass of wine. I am blogging about vegan food, my minimalist journey, life hacks and my experiences as a traveler.