Recipe for a tasty three ingredients lunch

Author: Julia


I love a good meal. What I even love more, is a good and quick meal made out of unprocessed, local ingredients. Especially for lunch but also after a work-out or yoga session I prefer a meal, that is ready to eat in around ten minutes.three ingredients

For this recipe I decided to combine veggies, that normally need to be cooked or steamed for quite some time. The secret is the way I cut them. For the cabbage and the leek I use a regular knife. For slicing up the sweet potato, I use a vegetable peeler though. The thin slices need to be roasted for around two or three minutes and develop a nice caramel flavor, due to their natural sweetness.three ingredients

I don’t use any salt, since I want to cut back on it. If you feel like it, season the food after serving (if you season it, while roasting it, the veggies might get too soft).

As a topping I decided to use coconut cream. This step is totally optional.three ingredients

I also needed a drop of neutral oil for frying, since my pan is not really good. If yours is better, you can even roast the veggies without the use of any oil.


  • one
  • sweet potato
  • one small
  • cabbage
  • one
  • leek


three ingredientsUse your vegetable peeler and slice up the sweet potato. Wash the cabbage and cut it into thin stripes. Do the same with the leek. Put everything in a pan (at the same time). If necessary use some oil for frying and fry the veggies for three or four minutes. I cook with gas, which speeds everything up. If you use an electric stove, you might need more time. Put the fried veggies on a plate and if you wish, decorate them with some coconut cream, tahini or vegan sour cream!three ingredients

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