Roasted savoy wraps filled with spelt bolognese

Author: Julia


One of the disadvantages of being an almost lifelong vegan/vegetarian is the lack of traditional food. As a child and as a teenager I mostly ate pasta, pizza, potatoes and other things, that my parents managed to prepare for me. As a grown-up I started to be very curious about the food from my region, that I have been missing out for so many years. I developed a vivid interest in the dishes, that grandmothers usually prepare. Thick stews, traditional cakes, roasts and yeah – I pickled everything I got my hands on!vegan savoy wraps

One of the things I discovered, was savoy cabbage. It is tasty in soup or stew, but gets its special flavors only after roasting. One typical dish from my region in Germany is roasted savoy wrap filled with minced meat. Something I can easily veganize with pre-cooked spelt, onions and tomato sauce. As a side-dish I fried potatoes, that I seasoned with curry-infused salt. I also added some mashed avocado, since I like to eat something raw along with my cooked dishes.

I ate the savoy rolls for lunch with my flatmate (very hungry person) and we even had some leftovers. So, do not underestimate the amounts given!vegan savoy wraps


  • one
  • savoy cabbage
  • 100 g of
  • pre-cooked spelt
  • one
  • onion
  • 50 ml of
  • tomato sauce
  • two
  • potatos
  • salt, pepper, oil


Start with cooking the spelt. In my case I needed to boil it with the triple amount of water and bit of salt for 20 minutes. Drain it and put it aside. Choose seven or eight leaves of your savoy cabbage and blanch them for one minute. Rinse them with cold water and put them aside. Cut the onion into small cubes and fry them for three minutes. Add the spelt and keep frying.  Add tomato sauce, salt and pepper and let it simmer for five minutes. In the meantime, cut the potatoes in thin slices and fry them. I usually fry one side of the potatoes for two minutes and after turn them with a fork. Like that, they do not get sticky.vegan savoy wraps

Take a leaf and place a bit of spelt bolognese in the center. Fold the sides of the leaf and roll it until you got a solid wrap. I used a bit of white cotton twine and tied it around the rolls. Do the same, until you ran out of spelt bolognese. Put all wraps in a large pan and fry them, until they start to get brown. Carefully turn them, until they are fully roasted. Place everything on a nice plate, add some salt and enjoy the rolls hot or cold! Guten Appetit!

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I am Julia, vegan by heart, traveler and minimalist based in beautiful Portugal. I love simple but delicious food, ashtanga, skating, surfing and having a nice conversation over snacks and a glass of wine. I am blogging about vegan food, my minimalist journey, life hacks and my experiences as a traveler.