Recipe for Greek fakes – a traditional winter stew

Author: Julia


greek fakesFakes are the best way to prepare brown lentils. The stew is spicy, filling and tastes great, when it´s chilly outside. The preparation takes around 35 minutes and you don´t need to soak the lentils before. It is recommended to rinse them though (once I bought a bag with small stones and sand inside). Like a lot of other Greek dishes, fakes are being served with an extra splash of olive oil and oregano. To bring out the flavors, add some vinegar of your choice as well. Usually I add white vine vinegar, since it is inexpensive and doesn´t have a strong taste (opposed to balsamico for instance).greek fakes


  • one cup of
  • brown lentils
  • one
  • onion
  • two cloves of
  • garlic
  • one
  • carrot
  • 50 ml of
  • tomato pulp
  • one stick of
  • cinnamon
  • one
  • bayleaf
  • salt, pepper, oregano
  • olive oil
  • vinegar


greek fakesStart with cutting onion and garlic into small cubes. Fry them, until they start to smell slightly roasted. Peel the carrot, cut it into slices and add it to the mix. Also add bayleaf and cinnamon. Now it´s time to add the tomato pul and the lentils. Stir everything and add water. The lentils must be covered. Close you pot with a lid and let the lentil stew simmer on low heat for around 35 minutes. Try it and check, if the lentils are done. Add salt, pepper and put the stew in bowls. Decorate it with oregano and add olive oil and vinegar. Enjoy it with fresh bread or pita! Kali orexi!

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