Simple and fast recipe for Mexican frijoles (refried beans)

Author: Julia


My former flatmate Marta introduced me to this recipe some years ago. It has been one of my quick and inexpensive favorites since. The preparation is super easy and requires basic ingredients, you can find in any grocery store. For this recipe I use red beans, that provide a full and creamy taste. I also tried frijoles from Peru, that are being made with white beans. Those werde delicious as well, but did not taste as intense as frjoles made with red beans.recipe for Mexican frijoles

For the traditional recipe you need fresh tomatoes. If it is not the season at the moment and you can not find any fresh ones, just use bottled or canned tomato pulp.

As a side dish I recommend rice, avocado or guacamole, tortilla bread or pita.


  • one can of
  • red beans
  • one
  • onion
  • three cloves of
  • garlic
  • three
  • tomatoes or 100 ml of tomato pulp
  • one small
  • chili pepper
  • cumin, salt, oil for frying


recipe for Mexican frijolesCut the onion, chili pepper and the garlic into small cubes and start frying it. At the same time, rinse the beans. Put your sliced tomatoes or tomato pulp to the mix and keep frying. After two minutes add the beans. Season everything with one teaspoon of cumin and a small amount of salt. Take the beans off the stove and blend them until smooth. Enjoy!

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