Recipe for easy homemade veggie stock made out of left-overs

Author: Julia


homemade veggies stockVeggie stock adds flavor to risotto, sauces and pasta. Of course it is a great base for any kind of soup or stew. And did you know, that  veggies don’ t lose their flavor and nutrients, if you cook or steam them in veggie stock? The reason is a chemical process called osmosis. If you cook your veggies in plain water, the minerals leave the plants and mix with the water. If the water already contains minerals (veggie stock does), the osmosis between the veggies and the water does not take place. Bottom line: Never cook veggies in plain water!homemade veggies stock

I have been using veggie stock from the store for the last 15 years. I always kew, that there are different ways to make my own, but I was too lazy and just did not do it. One thing I was concerned about, was the conservation of home made veggies tock. I know, that a lot of people simply dry veggies and use the powder. The problem  is, that the whole process takes time and a lot of electricity (Portugal is very humid, I can not dry anything outside).homemade veggies stock

My way out is, to freeze my veggie stock. Since I don’ t have a lot of space in my freezer, I decided to create a tasty and highly concentrated stock, that I can use in very small doses. I froze the stock in a tray for ice-cubes, since the size seemed great to me. The other important thing are the ingredients. It is my long term goal to go zero waste and use everything I purchase to the greatest extinct. For my veggies stock for instance I also used carrot peel and the green and hard part of leaks, that I normally would not eat along with other veggies.homemade veggies stock


Advantages of homemade veggies stock:

  • great way to use leftovers
  • you really know, what’s inside
  • very, very inexpensive
  • less waste from packaging
  • perfect, if you want to avoid gluten, sugar, saturated fats, palm oil etc..


  • carrots, leak, celery, parsley, french onion...
  • one tablespoom of
  • salt (per 200 g veggies)
  • one tablespoon of
  • oil (per 200 g veggies)
  • optional: nutritional yeast


The preparation is very simple: Wash the veggies and cut them. Put them in a blender along with oil and salt. Blend everything together, put the paste in ice cube trays and freeze it until usage! Don’ t worry if you don’ t find all the veggies or want to use different ones! You can add for instance coriander, dried tomatoes, onions, garlic or whatever you like to taste in your veggie stock!

homemade veggies stock

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