Heavenly spongy chocolate cake in a jar

Author: Julia
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chocolate cakeI actually did not plan to enjoy my sponge cake in a jar. It was more a clever way out, since I ruined the whole cake, while cutting it into pieces. It was not the first time and I got really annoyed about always being so clumsy. My way out of the little disaster in the kitchen: I stuffed a slice of cake in a jar and topped it fresh berries. The taste was still great and it was even more practical, since we decided to take two jars with us on a road trip.

The cake is a simple chocolate sponge cake, that I have been preparing the same way for a lot of years. It is a great base for any creamy birthday cake and tastes awesome in combination with coffee cream, vanilla, rum, caramel or simple molten chocolate. For this recipe I decided to go raw and make raspberry cashew cream. As a topping I mixed tahini with cocoa and drizzled it over the cake.


  • 100 ml of
  • soymilk
  • 50 ml of
  • neutral oil
  • one tablespoon of
  • vinegar
  • 150 g of
  • sugar
  • 200 g of
  • flour
  • one tablespoon of
  • baking powder
  • 80 g of
  • cocoa
  • one cup of
  • froezen raspberries
  • half cup of
  • raw cashew
  • two tablespoons of
  • tahini
  • salt


Mix soy-milk and vinegar and let it sit for one or two minutes, until the soy-milk starts to curdle. Add 100 g of sugar, oil and salt and mix your base. Add flour, cacao and baking powder and keep mixing. In the end throw some frozen raspberries into your cake batter.  Pour the batter in a pan of your choice and bake the cake for around 30 minutes. Put a needle into the center of the cake and check, if it is still raw on the inside. At the same time  put the cashews in a bowl and cover them with water. Let them sit for at least two hours.chocolate cake

Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool down. With a sharp knife separate it into a top part and a lower part. Drain the cashews, mix them with a handful of raspberries and the rest of the sugar. Blend the cashew cream and spread it over the lower part of the cake. Close it with the top part and decorate the cake with some leftover cashews and raspberries. Mix tahini with one tablespoon of cocoa and two tablespoons of water. Pour it over the cake and enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

If you messed up the decorative part or your cake just looks bad, put a piece of it into a jar and decorate it with fresh berries, sesame and cashews!

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