Easy recipe for crispy, breaded tofu

Author: Julia
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Tofu is great! It is one of my favorite vegan ingredients. But — it is crucial, that you know how to prepare it. Otherwise, you will taste something that reminds you of sponges and chalk.

breaded tofu

Plain, firm tofu. The tempting taste of chalk…

The disadvantage of tofu — the fact, that it tastes like nothing at all — is also its great advantage. Tofu can basically become everything! You can fry it, steam it, blend it, serve it sweet, salty, pickled or even smoked. If it comes to tofu, you need to be creative!

I got this particular recipe from my roommate, who really enjoys tofu along with roasted bread and a good spoon of mustard. In the pictures shown underneath, I served it with a fresh beet root salad and a creamy curry.

breaded tofu

Dusted with chickpea flour


  • one pack of
  • tofu, firm
  • five tablespoons of
  • chickpea flour
  • pinch of salt or kala namak
  • neutral oil for frying


breaded tofuTake your firm tofu and cut it into slices. For better results use a clean tissue or kitchen paper and carefully dry it. Put the slices on a plate and with the help of a small strainer dust them with chickpea flour. In the end sprinkle a little amount of salt or kala namak (if you want some eggy flavors) on top. Heat up oil in a pan. It needs to be quite hot, because otherwise your tofu will be mushy. Fry it from both sides and serve it accompanied by a fresh salad, homemade bread or steamed veggies! Enjoy!breaded tofu

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