The best vegan last minute recipe for roasted paprika sauce

Author: Julia


I love to eat well and I really enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen. There are some occasions though, where I have little time, need to prepare something last minute or have to do a dish for a party/picknick. One of my last minute favorites is homemade roasted paprika sauce. The creamy sauce is a true explosion of flavors and works very well as a spread, pesto or sauce. The ingredients are very simple and inexpensive. The secret though is the preparation. In order to create a rich and tasty sauce, you need to allow the paprikas to roast for quite some time. Usually I put them in a pan, roast them and don’t even stir them for the first two or three minutes. The lack of stirring makes them caramelize a little (red paprika are naturally quite sweet) and adds a really special taste to the roasted paprika sauce.

roasted paprika sauce

Homemade buckwheat flatbread

After roasting I usually add some nuts or seeds to the mix, since I want the texture to be as creamy and smooth as possible. The inexpensive and neutral seeds of choice are sunflower seeds. They contain loads of proteins and are quite easy to digest. If I feel fancy I use cashews instead. During autumn I prefer roasted pumpkin seeds, since they add a typical seasonal element to the sauce.
I enjoy the roasted paprika spread usually with pita, pasta, buckwheat or millet. When I prepared it yesterday though, I craved some tasty flatbread without wheat. I decide to go with buckwheat pancakes and simply blended some buckwheat seeds. After blending I mixed it with a small amount of spelt flour, curry powder, salt and water. I put it in the fridge until usage and prepared it in a pan without oil. The taste was really great and the bread was a nice alternative to the wheat chapati I normally make.


  • 4
  • red paprika
  • 2
  • cloves of garlic
  • 1
  • onion
  • 1 cup of
  • sunflower seeds
  • 1
  • lemon, juice and skin
  • 5 spoons
  • of virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • seasonal herbs (I used thyme)


roasted paprika sauce

Almost all the ingredients in one picture

Cut the paprika, onion and garlic in pieces and start frying everything with a small amount of olive oil. As I mentioned it above: Avoid stirring! You want roasted paprika and not the mushy, steamed kind. After roasting put the veggies in a bowl. Add olive oil, lemon skin, lemon juice, salt and herbs. Start blending. If everything looks pretty and smooth add the sunflower seeds. Keep blending until the texture is niceĀ  and creamy.

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