Best recipe for vegan gravy sauce

Author: Julia


This vegan gravy sauce is just the best sauce for the festive season! The preparation is easy and the result is just stunning! Buttery, rich and full of flavor it tastes great with pasta, rice or dumplings! If you avoid alcohol, substitute the red wine with grabe juice and a little more vinegar or mustard!vegan gravy sauce


  • one
  • onion
  • three
  • carrots
  • 150 g of
  • champignons
  • two
  • bayleafs
  • one twig of
  • rosemary
  • 100 ml of
  • red wine
  • 500 ml of
  • veggie stock
  • splash of
  • soy-sauce
  • mustard
  • salt, pepper
  • flour
  • margarine or coconut oil


The preparation of vegan gravy sauce is really simple. Cut onion, carrots and mushrooms in pieces and roast them, until they start to get a roasted color. Add rosemary and bayleaf and dust everything with flour (one or two tablespoons serve the purpose). Stir the veggies and add red wine, veggies stock, soy sauce, mustard, salt and pepper. Let the veggies simmer for around 25 minutes. Blend everything (if you want a super pretty result, pour everything through a filter). Let it reduce for another 10 minutes and add a small amount of margarine or coconut oil before serving the vegan gravy sauce. Enjoy!

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