Beetroot smoothie with banana foam

Author: Julia


Beetroot smoothie with banana foam

Even though I have been vegan for a lot of years, it is not easy for me to eat enough raw foods and fruits. Especially as a teenager I was one of these vegetarians, who would eat pasta with cheese, chocolate and bread. Taking care of my diet is a new thing for me and I have been doing it only for the last couple of years. Since the apple a day does not do the job for me, I need smoothies or fruit salads that taste really well and look kind of fancy. Fresh beetroot smoothie is one of these thing! I prepare it with a normal blender, that I bought in a supermarket.


  • one small
  • beet root
  • two
  • ripe bananas
  • two
  • oranges
  • 50 ml
  • plant-milk


Beetroot smoothie with banana foamPeel the beetroot and cut it into small pieces. Squeeze the oranges and fill the orange juice in a large bowl. Add one banana and the beet root and blend it until smooth.  Fill the smoothie in a jar. Now blend the plant-milk with the banana and pour the banana foam over the beetroot smoothie. Decorate it with beetroot leaves, some walnuts or hemp-seeds.beetroot

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