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The weather here in Portugal is sunny, no clouds in sight and daily temperatures range around 90 degrees. These are the moments, when I really start missing my life in the north of Europe. In October there is nothing more pleasant, than taking walks through colourful forests (we got one close to my house, but it is just pines and palm-trees), eating sweets with pumpkins and enjoying cozy afternoons and eveningsĀ  with a good book or a creepy movie. But I can not complain, I chose summer and sunshine and I have to find other ways, to get into an autumn mood!aquafaba custard

One solution is a home-made desert with typical autumn/winter spices. Since oranges are very tasty and juicy in Portugal, I decided to create a cream with orange-zest and cinnamon. As a garnishment I used dark chocolate, that I grated into small, decorative rolls.

aquafaba custardThe base for my desert was aquafaba from chickpea water. For the ones, who never heard about it: Aquafaba is the water, that beans or chickpeas are boiled in. It works very well as a vegan replacer for egg-whites and is commonly used in mousse, cakes or vegan ice-creams.

For some reason my aquafaba would not get the typical, stiff peaks. I figured out, that there might be two reasons.

  1. My blender is the wrong tool and I need something stronger.
  2. My chickpea water, that I drained from a can, was the wrong kind. Not any chickpea water gets the same result.

The cream was very tasty and the texture reminded me of a custard. Since I made a lot, I froze parts of it and enjoyed it as an ice-cream.

If you want to replace the icing sugar with coconut sugar, remember to grind it before use!


  • 50 ml of
  • chickpea water
  • half cup of
  • icing sugar (or an alternative)
  • one
  • orange, only zest
  • pinch of
  • cinnamon
  • dark chocolate


aquafaba custardBeat the chickpea water with an electric mixer, until it is smooth and creamy. Carefully add sugar, orange zest and cinnamon and whisk it in with a fork. Either freeze it or put the mix in the fridge and let it sit. Before serving, decorate it with dark chocolate!

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