Clothes I stopped wearing, since I became a minimalist

Minimalist wardrobe

It is time for a non-food topic again! Today I wanna share with you, which clothes I stopped buying and wearing, since I am a minimalist.

Short throwback: I went minimalist on the first of January 2017. I donated more than 80 percent of my clothes and shoes and have been decluttering on a regular basis since. It was a big relief, to own less and I feel a lot better about myself. My room is clean and tidy and I even feel a little bit more stylish!

Let’s go straight to the things, I really avoid:

1. Things, that do not fit

OK, this one seems to be really obvious. But honestly: Do you only posses things, that fit you one hundred percent? What about those pants, you used to like so much, but after you gained weight/lost weight/became more muscular, they do not fit, they way they used to? Or the shirts you bought on sale, expecting you could wear them one day, if you just lost those 2 kilos? Forget about these close! I got rid of them, since they just occupy space. Same goes for things, you can not really move in. I personally hate blouses, bras or pants, that limit my movement. I wanna be able to cycle, skate, sit down or jump and whatever I do, my clothes should not be in the way! If it helps you, try to see fashion more like something, that protects your body from wind, sun, cold and being naked. See them less like a statement.

2. Clothes with details or shapes, that do not serve any purpose

I hate clutter. And when I say clutter, I mean zippers, I can not open or close. Fake pockets, you can not use. Pants, that are already ripped, when you buy them in the store. Decorative buttons, you can not use. OK, it is a matter of taste, but personally I would not buy clothes, that come along with unnecessary details. The second category is even worse: Clothes with a useless shape. Do you know those bulky sweaters, that do not cover the shoulders? Or that are cropped at the level of your belly button? Or the ones with cut-outs at the sleeves? I had them 10 years ago and it was like: I am sweating so much, my armpits are already smelly but my shoulders are freezing. For sure, tomorrow my neck is gonna be super stiff. Or…This turtle-neck makes it really hard to breathe. At least my belly and my kidneys are getting exposed to the freezing cold… Oh yeah… The examples of clothes, that do not serve any function are countless. Don’t get me wrong: There is nothing bad about this kind of clothes, I just would not buy them anymore.

That´s the way I organize my clothes. I found this box in front of the supermarket. Usually I fold and roll my shirts and try to keep some kind of order. These are all the shirts and tanks I own!

3. Clothes, that are too good to wear

Yes, I bought the dress for a fortune. Or someone else gave it to me. I love to see it, but every time I wear it, I am afraid that it might get some stains. So I actually never wear it!

When I became minimalist, I got rid of these things. I like to keep it simple. I want to use my stuff all the time and I see it like: There is nothing too good for me. I got the clothes or shoes for myself and that is about it. I bought them, since they have to serve a purpose. Not more and not less. Of course, I do not teach a yoga class in a formal dress. The opposite is the case! I got rid of the formal, too-precious dress I had and instead only wear things, that do not stop me from moving and acting the way I want. Even my formal pants and blouses are OK for everyday use and I can wash them in an ordinary washing-machine.

4. Bad quality and anything, that is not good enough for me

Any moment of my life is special. I don’t need a party night out or another occasion to feel well-dressed. Especially since I spend a lot of time at home, worn out pajamas don’t do the job for me. When I went minimalist I decided, that everything I own needs to please me. I want my clothes to be clean, in good condition, simple and nice. It is just a good feeling, not to own ugly clutter anymore. And yes, I agree, maybe you paint your house once every year or do some work in the garden. For those events you probably don’t wanna wear a spotless, white shirt. So keep some old stuff but try to stick to very few items! My goal was, to take a random piece of cloth from my wardrobe without even looking, and it suits me perfectly, because all of my clothes are nice!


5. Brands and weird logos


My friend has a small start-up, that produces bikinis. I really like to wear shirts with the brands logo from time to time and create more awareness for a project, that I appreciate and support. What I don’t support, is buying overpriced items with super huge icons or labels on them. First of all, I don’t want to advertise random brands for free. Besides that, I don’t find it very aesthetic.

Summer of 69, high school spirit, love is in the air, daddies´s girls, ambition paved the road I walked…whatever. I don’t like shirts with random prints, that are not connected to my life or my personality. And even if they are: I don’t want to put it on a shirt, that shows that I eat vegan, like skating or have German origin. I can speak up for myself and do not need a shirt, that transmits any kind of message. Instead I keep it plain, simple and minimalist!

Minimalist wardrobe: I like it simple, but I am so in love with patterns!

These were five different kinds of clothing, that I stopped wearing, after I became a minimalist. If you are curious, about other aspects of my minimalist journey, check my articles about minimalist make-up and minimalist travel advice.

One great source of inspiration: Check lovely Jenny Mustards blog or insta account!

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