My minimalist make-up

In my everyday life I don’t use any make-up at all. I really liked it, when I was a teenager since it made me feel more mature and beautiful. Over the years I reduced more and more. I discovered, that foundations make my skins worse. So I stopped using it. Next thing I got rid off was eyeshadow, since it only looked pretty during the first ten minutes. After it was everywhere in my face besides on my lids.Wh

that’s definitely no minimalist make-up. Old pic from times, when I felt like using a lot of products.

en I started to work out, I didn’t need blush anymore. A long run, a hot yoga session or some body weight training made me run around with a red face for hours. Next thing, that I stopped using was eyeliner. It is nice and dramatic – but it usually makes me feel like somebody else. Last thing was mascara. I felt, that it made me look like a panda and irritated my eyes. So I got rid of it.


The minimalist make-up: Eyes

So in the end I reduces all my decorative products to exactly two items: One is an eyebrow-pencil.  I use it, since surfing, swimming and working out on the beach not only bleaches my hair. My eyebrows started to be pretty light during the last years and I feel that they are kind of important for my facial expression. I usually use the eyebrow pencil, when I go out or meet friends. At work I don’t need it (for the ones, who don’t know: I teach yoga and pilates – so at work I get sweaty very easy and need a lot of showers). My pencil is from the German organic brand Alverde, which is pretty affordable. But I am sure, that you will find plenty other vegan options.


The minimalist make-up: Lips

The second item I use is a lipstick. It makes me look dressy within seconds and gives even my white and grey shirts an elegant appeal.

Minimalist make-up: Lips, eyebrows and I am good to go!

It is not easy, to purchase vegan lipsticks in Portugal. Besides the usual suspects such as beeswax most red lipsticks contain carmine, a pigment that is made out of cochineal insect ( Be aware of the fact, that carmine is also used for coloring foods. It is usually listed as E120 or as carmine). Good news: There are a lot of brands, that produce vegan lipsticks, which have not been tested on animals. Until now I tried Alva and LUSH. I am satisfied with both of them. In my opinion the ones from LUSH are more intense and give you more value for your money. If you are living in the US, check this list for more variety. Some years ago I also owned to varieties of HibisKiss form Crazy Rumours. I really like those tinted lip balms. Unfortunately I didn’t find them in Portugal until now.


Do you use make-up? And which are your vegan, minimalist make-up favorites? Leave a comment below!

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