More simplicity! Things and habits I left behind, when I went minimalist

When I went minimalist, I quit the obvious. Having too much stuff in my room, traveling with heavy gear and using tons of make-up. Let´s do some fine-tuning today and look into other things and habits – besides the obvious – that I left behind.

The hairdresser

I appreciate good hairdressers and a nice haircut. It is an art and a difficult occupation I highly respect. Since I spend most of my days either working from home, teaching yoga or doing some sportive activity by myself, I stopped going to the hairdresser. Because I like to look dressy and really don´t want to run around with split ends, I learned how to cut my hair by myself. I have to be honest: When I started, I looked really crappy. I tried to do layers and bangs and ended up going to the hairdresser crying. After some time I figured out, how to cut a straight long bob and I have been doing it on my own for the last two years. It is really simple, since you just need a normal mirror, a small mirror, two hair ribbons, a comb  and a good pair of scissors. In average I cut my hair every two months and I guess that cutting it by myself saved me at least 200 Euros and a lot of time. (a quick cut takes me around ten minutes). If you bring the technique to perfection, nobody will know, that you did the cut on your own! This video is not bad, even though I don´t follow all the steps!


Underwire bras

Never liked them. I find underwire bras ugly, not comfy and it is a really strange concept, if you think about it. Women being expected to give their boobs a nice look by attaching a metal construction. Seems a little outdated to me…There are very comfy and pretty alternatives to underwire bras, that are versatile, easy to wash and not as delicate as an underwire bra. For my everyday life and my workouts I got three sportsbras. For other occasions (if I wear a nice blouse or a summer dress) I got two wireless bras – one in black and the other in nude. I can wear all of them as bikini tops as well, since they are made from a stretchy and quick dry material.

The gym

I never liked gyms. The light is weird, there is no air inside the room and I never understood, how using a machine can improve anything but my looks. Instead of going to the gym, I run outside, I cycle to work, practice yoga and do my own work-out. I love bars, olympic rings and everything that increases my mobility and strength at the same time. No matter where you live: You can do most exercises either in your home, at an outdoor gym, on a play ground, a wall, a staircase, in a forest or in the city center. Get creative and check Youtube, vimeo or instagram for “ghetto workouts” or “playground workouts”. If this is not your thing, search for groups, that meet outdoors or in a public space. In my area I joined a very informal dancing group, an ultimate frisbee group and a skating crew. I met awesome athletes, who do parcours, train for a triathlon or do capoeira outside. Just look around and get creative! Quitting the gym makes you save money, meet people and discover new possibilities!


Crazy collection of cleaning stuff

Back in the days I had a special product for every single part of my flat. I had one bottle or spray for the floor, one for the dishes, one for the oven, one for the windows, one for the toilet, one for the bathroom and another for the pipes. To make it short: Nobody needs that many products! Nowadays I have one product for cleaning the dishes, that I also use for the floor. I clean all windows, mirrors, the fridge and parts of the bathroom with vinegar. I have one mild product for the toilet, that I can use for dirty spots on the walls or on the stove. That´s about it!


Leaving the house for five minutes and carrying around half of the household


There were those times, when I always took my phone, water, fruits, chewing gum, make-up, a book, sunglasses, a note book, cream and who knows what else with me. I stopped that and every time I leave the house, I really think about my plans. For a workout, a walk on the beach, skating or meeting a friend I just take my keys with me. If someone calls me that time of the day, the person has to wait until I am home again. I don´t need to be available every second of my life and cases of emergency are pretty rare.

Going shopping I add my wallet to the mix. If I go to town for some hours, I usually bring my phone and maybe a bottle of water. That´s it. To be fair, sometimes I am annoyed, that I didn´t bring a book. Or I return to old habits and would like to scroll around on my phone. During those moments I remind myself, that it is really nice, to just enjoy the silence, watch people, nature and be a little but more in the present moment and a little less distracted by stuff.


What did you quit or cut off when you became minimalist? I would like to hear your thoughts!

About me

I am Julia, vegan by heart, traveler and minimalist based in beautiful Portugal. I love simple but delicious food, ashtanga, skating, surfing and having a nice conversation over snacks and a glass of wine. I am blogging about vegan food, my minimalist journey, life hacks and my experiences as a traveler.