Five vegan life savers: Things, you need during your travels

Five vegan life savers: Things, you need during your travels

When I went vegan in the first place, my friends used to make a lot of fun of me. I was the only vegan in my circle of friends and even for a quick skate I would bring food, that can feed me for at least a day.

In the beginning I always panicked, when I left the house. Would I find anything vegan on the road? What, if I got really low on sugar, angry or super tired? And do I need to eat more frequently than people who consume meet and dairy? I got over it and especially since I started intermittent fasting (blog post coming soon), I eat only twice a day and normally leave home without food. If you are still concerned, about being a traveling vegan, I am going to share my little vegan life savers with you!!! They are inexpensive, minimalist and fit in every bag!

  1. B 12!!! Depending on the length of your travel, you should definitely bring a pack of B 12. First of all, it is very important for your diet. I am almost lifelong vegetarian and one year after I went vegan, I had my blood tested. My levels were low and I have been taking B 12 since. In a lot of countries B 12 is not easy accessible. Or it’s super expensive. If you just plan a short trip, help the local vegans and give them your B 12 as a gift!

    On my way to Turkey

  2. Soap! Since I only travel with cabin luggage, liquids are not really an option for me. A clever way out is a solid piece of soap, that you can use for your hair and your whole body. I found vegan hair soap in an artesano shop in Lisbon. But also big brands such as Lush offer vegan soaps.
  3. Small amount of coconut oil. I literally use it for everything. You can fry food with coconut oil, hydrate your skin and your hair of even use it as a tooth paste! It is super versatile and you only need very small amounts.

    Enjoying Cascais, a beautiful town close to Lisbon

  4. Vegan sunscreen. Very hard to find outside of metropolitan areas.I purchased mine in Germany. It is made for babies and works without chemical filters. Plus I can even use it during long surf session!

    Sun-screeeeeen! Before surfing in Portugal

  5. Bananas and nut-butter! Best choice of food during travel days. It is a delicious, raw treat, that gives you all the carbs, proteins, sugar, magnesia, vitamin E and calcium, you need!

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