How to make flavored salt: My favorite recipes

How to make flavored salt: My favorite recipes

Flavored salt is tasty,  impresses your guests and  is super easy to prepare.

You just need a mortar for grinding the salt. At the moment I use a wooden mortar. Stone mortars are the better choice though, because they are a lot heavier.

The base for flavored salts are sea-salt and dried herbs. Just mix herbs, spices and salt and grind the mix. Store it in an old jar. DIY-Inspiration: Use a hammer and a nail and create holes in the lid of the jar. Like that you can create a minimalist container for spices and salt in less than one minute.



My favorite recipes for flavored salt


Be creative and blend in, whatever suits you! Mix the flavored salt with a high quality virgin oil. Like that you can easily produce your own marinade.


Typical German seasoning for fried potatoes


I grew up in a typical workers and immigrant region in Germany. Fried potatoes are a classic street-food, that I ate on excursions or if I wanted to have a quick snack. I love the taste of this simple salt, because it tastes super savory and smokey. For the preparation you need one spoon of sweet paprika powder, one spoon of sweet curry powder and one spoon of salt. Just grind it and enjoy! If you like it spicy, add some cayenne pepper!I


French mixture


This homemade seasoned salt is inspired by typical French herbs. I use it for seasoning rice, homemade bread or country potatoes. Use herbs such as thyme, rosemary, basil, sage and lemon zest. Lavender gives the seasoned salt an extraordinary taste. Just be careful about the dosage, because lavender tends to be very bitter!


Yummy Portuguese mix


I got this recipe from my Portuguese friend Vitor. It is so delicious, that my flatmates and me use it for seasoning everything. You need one spoon of sweet paprika powder and one spoon of salt. add a hint of dried oregano and black pepper. Also add three loves of dried garlic. If they are not available in your country, just substitute them with one spoon of garlic powder.


Do you have a favorite recipe for flavored salt to share? Write me, I am curious about your thoughts and inspiration!



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