I quit drinking alcohol and it was a really good decision! It has been more than three months now without anything alcoholic ( I tried one sip of wine), neither in drinks nor in food. My decision actually took me some time, since I postponed it for quite a while. Let’s start from the beginning!


Raised in Europe drinking has always been something normal and even desirable.  A good taste in wine or whiskey is a proof of well developed taste buds. Consuming or brewing craft beer seems to be like a nice hobby. In my opinion it was more awkward to say no to a drink in a dinner party than just taking it. Dinner parties and social occasions were no problem though. Until my mid-twenties I didn’t really drink. I studied, worked a lot and dedicated my free time to crafts and skating.


Alcohol became an issue when I started traveling though. Most young people, who do an exchange or move to a different country make the same experience: one crazy party just follows the other. Beach parties, camping trips, house parties, pub crawls…You name it. Especially in backpacker hostels it is a very normal thing to drink all the time. have a wine for lunch, go surf and drink a beer after, have some sangrias at the bbq. Nobody really questions this lifestyle, since it is really accepted.


Weird behavior is not a big deal, if you just were drunk enough. Nobody questions it and being hungover all the time is totally normal.

About me

I am Julia, vegan by heart, traveler and minimalist based in beautiful Portugal. I love simple but delicious food, ashtanga, skating, surfing and having a nice conversation over snacks and a glass of wine. I am blogging about vegan food, my minimalist journey, life hacks and my experiences as a traveler.