Green smoothies – why I drink them to break my fast and how I prepare them

green smoothies

I have never been a big fan of green smoothies or juices. The ones I tried were quite bitter and salty. Besides that, I really don’t like to have big chunks of fibre in my drink. Once I need to start chewing a smoothie, I really loose my appetite. Recently some of my friends started talking me into green smoothies again and I tried one, that tasted really nice and refreshing. In order to get the texture right, my friend Ana simply used a filter and filtered the smoothie after blending. The result was very clean, tasty and refreshing.

green smoothies

After blending and before filtering!


Why I started drinking green smoothies

For me personally green smoothies solve different nutrition “problems” I usually face with my diet. First of all I tend to drink very small amounts of water. Most of the time I simply forget it. I tried a lot of stuff like buying a beautiful bottle, preparing lemon water etc… For some reason I just forget to drink when I am not active. With green smoothies (I drink 500 ml per serving ) or kombucha it is different though, since I really appreciate the taste.


An easy way to consume more leafy greens

My second reason to drink green smoothies is the intake of leafy greens. It might seem to be a lazy excuse, but I just can not eat and chew as much as I drink. If I would eat all the kale and spinach I use for a smoothie, my meals would take even longer. And I already cook and eat a lot longer than the average person.


Why I drink green smoothies instead of juicing

From practical reasons I decided against juicing and make smoothies instead. We have a juicer at home that works fine, but it takes a lot of time to clean it. If I want to integrate a new habit in my life, it needs to something simple I can keep up for a long period of smoothies


Juicing and fibre intake

One difference between juicing and green smoothies is also the fibre aspect. Since juices are pressed extracts from veggies and greens, they basically don’t contain fibers. This is quite an advantage for people who are very weak, suffer from chronic illnesses or do an intense medical treatment. Since fibers don’t slow down the digestion, the body absorbs nutrients very fast. The advantage might be a disadvantage, if you are healthy. The fast intake of juice without fibers might cause insulin spikes. Nothing you really want, if you desire to have your weight and mood under control. Very nice video about this topic HERE!

How to make green smoothies with a small budget

Since we use a really cheap blender, I normally filter my smoothie with a cotton bag, that I bought in a supermarket. After usage I rinse the filter and let it dry close to the window in order to avoid mold. Every other day I let it sit in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

The ingredients for my green smoothies

My green smoothies are never the same. I just throw in seasonal stuff, fruits I collect and leftovers. Most important though is, that everything is fresh. An example for a typical smoothie is kale, carrot, parsley, beetroot, apple juice and some seasonal berry. I also followed my friend Ana’s advice and started to add a splash of kombucha (my guts really need those probiotics), flaxseed oil and a pinch of sea salt. Be aware, that too much juice might cause insulin spikes. Try to add as little juice as possible or start to reduce the amount of juice over time!

Breaking the fast with green smoothies

I drink the smoothie instantly, since I don’t want any of the nutrients to disappear. There are different opinions about how fast to consume a juice or smoothie but the general recommendation suggests within 15 minutes. Speaking of when to drink it: I break my fast with a smoothie and drink it while cooking. Leafy greens and fruits are easier to digest than starchy foods or protein dense fruits. Like that, they leave my digestive system fast and don’t cause bloating. In case you did not know: Fruits after a meal can cause bloating, since they sit on top of other foods, that need more time to digest.

What to do with the leftovers of green smoothies

I am not a wasteful person and the first thing I thought about was, what to do with the leftover fibers that I normally filter. Since I don’t have a compost or rabbits, I decided to eat them myself. I mix them with ground buckwheat or oats and a variety of seed and nuts. Nutritional yeast provides a cheesy flavor and adds some minerals to the smoothies

Easy crackers with seeds

I simply create little cookies or crackers and bake them for around 20 minutes. If I make some almond or hemp milk on the same day, I also recycle the leftovers and blend them in with the dough. Like that I have simple and tasty crackers, that make an awesome snack or a late and light dinner.


Did I feel any changes, since I started to drink green smoothies?


Yes, I did! I feel really energized after having a green smoothie. Besides that I enjoy the meal after my smoothie more, since I already got a foundation. If I break my fast directly with a huge meal, I tend to eat really fast and don’t chew it and appreciate it properly…Right now I can not imagine to quit green smoothies. They feel very complete, are refreshing and also work with a small budget.


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